Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I was on the phone with my father yesterday. Apparently, there was a time when my cousin was briefly courted by a non-Jewish man. This was like, 30 years ago. Anyway, my uncle (her father) told her, "It's him or me." She chose her father.

He told me another story about a Jewish guy he knows, in his 80's. This guy married an Irish Catholic girl, and his entire family cut him off. He was married to her for many years, and raised a family with her. Yet he never got over losing his parents and siblings.

I asked my father, "Why did he take up with this girl in the first place?" "Well, he loved her," - as if that solved everything.

I don't buy that crap. You don't just love somebody. You don't get involved with whomever you please, no matter how attracted to them you are.
She should have been an automatic NO.

You know, Yaakov and I are ba'alei teshuva. We remember (fondly!) what a bacon double cheeseburger tastes like. Are we going to Burger King? No.

Very nice, you say. But a comparing love to a burger?

The bottom line is the same: Some things you just can't have.


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