Sunday, September 16, 2007
My life, in descending order:

Hebrew school was great. I gave it my all, and the kids had a blast. I planned a lot beforehand, so we had lots of projects to do. Thank you, Mrs. Stein, for providing art supplies! I taught the children the story of Yonah, and about Yom Kippur in general. Each child had a chance to say something s/he was sorry about. One boy said, "I'm sorry I threw that book and hit mommy in the eye." (!!!) I was very proud of the letter I sent home to the parents. We really covered a lot of ground!

Rosh Hashana was amazing, I feel I accomplished a lot on a spiritual level. I daavened a lot and praised G-d at every available opportunity. The first day I daavened with a friend at her house, and the second day Mrs. Stein opened her home to mommies and kids. We all helped each other out, and we all got a chance to daaven. (I'm hoping Mrs. Stein will do it again for Yom Kippur!) AND...Not only did the honey cake not flop, but it came out AWESOME. I got so many compliments on it! I baked one for the family we ate with on Friday, and they went nuts over it. I say this with humility, because I truly feel it was the recipe. Every time I got a compliment, I gave mad props to the recipe. And the best part? I found it online!

To sum up New York: busy and exhausting. Dad was totally nutty, but loving and generous as well. For awhile, I felt guilty feeling uncomfortable around him when he was so very giving. But then I decided it was okay: I can celebrate my Dad and his largesse, and I can feel awkward when he's acting foolish. That's life. The crowning moment was in Penn Station: Dad was instructing the bucket drummer how he could be doing his gig better. When our train arrived, he jumped up and down and yelled; "Baruch Hashem! Hallelujah!" over and over again. This wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't in front of a crowd of Israeli bochurim. What can I say? I love my father.


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