Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Every Mother a Working Mother

Today, I got a phone call. I was busy. Making lunch, taking out dress-up clothes, removing Srulik from my bathroom. That's what I was in the middle of doing when Mrs. N called. Multi-tasking.

MRS. N: Can you make more phone calls for the community project?
HARRIED-ME: Well, actually, right now my kids are a little nutty...
MRS. N: Your kids are nutty?
MRS. N: I'm only calling because Rabbi Plony says you're a big help.
HARRIED-ME: (Ego mollified) I can make one phone call.
MRS. N: Can you call one person and have them call 5 others?
HARRIED-ME: (grumble grumble) Why can't you do that?
MRS. N: Because I'm working and I don't have the time to explain the whole situation over again to another person.
HARRIED-ME: (well what the hell do you think I'm doing, lady? Watching Oprah and eating bon-bons?) Okay, I'll try.

The bright spot of the day was when Rivky had a tantrum in the bathroom at Bloomingdales. I went to the indoor mall playground with Mrs. Stein (who else?). Rivky said she needed to go to the potty, so off we went. But when we got there, she wouldn't go. She started to throw herself on the floor and carry on (Bloomingdales brings out the princess in us all). "Rivky, do you want to spray perfume? If you want to spray perfume, you need to make on the potty first." "NOOO! I don't wanna spray perfume!" "OK, Rivky, I'll just sit here and wait, and whenever you feel like you're ready, you'll go." 10 minutes pass before she decides she's gonna go. 10 minutes of wailing and writhing on the floor. I just sat there on the couch, wishing I had brought my cell phone to call Mrs. Stein and explain our delay. But the best part? The lady sitting near me in the "bathroom lounge" says, "I'm a behavioral specialist, and I really like the way you're handling your daughter." YEAH!!! [insert touchdown music here.] When I finally got back to the mall playground and told Mrs. Stein, she was so excited for my compliment. "You should write that in your blog!"


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