Wednesday, September 14, 2005
The LL Bean Drama Queen

We got a little extra cash, so I just ordered some badly needed shirts from LL Bean. Although Yaakov gave me his blessing, I am still trying not to feel guilty for spending the money. I mean, Tishrei is right around the corner. Lots of holidays to buy food for. LOTS.

LL Bean drives me a little kooky with all their choices.
Being indecisive is a problem I have in general, so LL Bean just aggravates a pre-existing condition. There are so many colors and fabrics, supima this and interlock that! Heathers and lycras and waffle-knits! Gevalt!

I brought my skirts to the computer and held them up to try and match colors. At that point, Yaakov waved his hand dismissively at me. "You're being nutty," he said, as he went to take out the trash.

If I ever get admitted to a psychiatric facility, please send the bill to LL Bean's corporate office.


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