Wednesday, September 14, 2005
One of those days.

This afternoon I was making a ground turkey dish for supper. As soon as my hands were in the mixing bowl, all hell broke loose. Chaya and Rivky were going at it in their room, Srulik climbed on the dining room table and started ripping up the mail. I suppose I could have just washed my hands and restored order, but that didn't occur to me. Then Rivky pished on the floor. By the time I did wash my hands, Chaya was going into the refrigerator to grab some cheese, which I basically had to wrestle away from her. "No," I said, "we're having fleishigs for supper." Well, that became a whole event, too. The kids gathered 'round the fridge, and an expensive bottle of wine got spilled all over the kitchen floor. Don't despair, dear readers - there was enough wine left for me to have a glass. Lord knows I needed one.


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