Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Life with kids!

Rivky accidentally locked herself in the house this afternoon. We were all outside in the backyard, and she went in to use the bathroom. Somehow she managed to lock the back door, and then couldn't open it again. The front door was locked too, so we were really stuck! She was on one side of the door screaming and crying, and I was on the other side trying to tell her how to open the lock. It was a tense exchange. The back door is located in our hotbox of a laundry room, so when she couldn't open the lock, I told her to get out. Not only is it a zillion degrees in there, but that's where we keep the chemicals. So the Anxiety Maven was kicking in on top of everything else! She got out of the laundry room and went into the play room, where she sobbed behind the window and asked why she couldn't come out. My heart was mamesh breaking for her. Finally, Yaakov - my hero! - came home and rescued all of us.

I really need to give a spare key to Mrs. Stein.


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