Friday, September 16, 2005

Yaakov, don't read this.

I made a little shabbos party in my house this morning for some kids I was teaching. We had a shabbos ima and a shabbos abba, we lit candles and made kiddush. Very nice.

I put the tealights on my window ledge above my kitchen sink, as it's not our custom to blow out candles. Then I promptly forgot about them. I went and did carpool, didn't remember anything. I let my kids play at the kitchen sink, completely unaware. 3 hours later, I went into the kitchen and smelled something funny. It smelled like gas to me, and I wondered what it could be. I looked around, and found the culprit. One of the flames had taken over the entire inside of the tealight holder. So I went to blow it out, as I felt it was a safety issue.

The tealight, which was resting atop a candle holder, went flying off its perch. It tumbled precariously all over the ledge, flames everywhere. I WAS SO SCARED. I started blowing frantically, trying to get the fire out. OMIGOD, scary, scary, scary. I finally got the bright idea to pour water on it, which - I am very relieved to report - worked. My heart is racing still.

Thank you Hashem, for protecting ding-bats. Thank you so much.


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