Saturday, August 27, 2005
Truth is stranger than fiction

Friday night in our hot house. The shabbos candles illuminated the darkness, spiritually and physically. While my husband was at shul, I fed the kids. Chaya brought up a topic I wish she would forget: where babies are born from. Her friend Chagit came over one day and told her all about it. I was pretty ticked off with Chagit, let me tell you. Chaya had asked me this sha'aleh before, and I told her what my doula told her kids. That when a baby is ready to be born, Hashem opens up the mommy's belly button and the baby comes out. Makes sense, right? That's all the information I felt Chaya could emotionally handle (Lord knows that's all I could). But Chagit the informer changed everything.

CHAYA: (pointing) Mommy, babies come out of the mommy's privates, right?
CHAYA: (more pointing) From the front side or the back side?
NERVOUS-ME: From the front side.
CHAYA: (strange look) But Chagit is brown, so she must have come from the back.
NERVOUS-ME: (laughing) No Chaya, all babies are born from the front.
CHAYA: Never from behind?
NERVOUS-ME: Never from behind.
CHAYA: But some babies come from the tummy too, right?

I wish I could control her life in some ways. I wish I could keep her from hearing all the things she shouldn't hear, keep her from seeing all the things she shouldn't see. I wish I could keep her innocent forever. I wish our power would go back on.


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