Monday, October 03, 2005

To my readers (the few and the brave, ha ha);

I want to bless us all in the coming year.

May we all have everything we need, both materially and spiritually. May we each be blessed with good health, sustenance, and joy from our families.

May we be blessed with the strength to grow and improve ourselves.

Please G-d, help each of us achieve real inner peace on our own terms.

May we all merit to recognize G-d in our lives, and to deeply internalize the concept of hashgocho protis (divine providence).

Moshiach Now!


Fancy Schmancy Anxiety Maven

P.S. My husband has a friend who is an Amshinover Chossid. He told us one year he called his rebbe, to wish him a good new year. The rebbe replied, "There's still time in this year to have a good year!"


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