Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The Budget.

I mentioned a little while back that Yaakov - Baruch Hashem - had taken another job and was earning more money. This is something I am still getting used to.

I am not going out and spending extravagantly, but dinner time has been much more fun. Normally he would get paid, I would pay bills, and the remainder would be our food budget. I think the average amount I had weekly was between 75 and 100 dollars, including shabbos. Man, I would budget that money to the penny. Sometimes I would miscalculate while grocery shopping, and I had to tell the cashier to take things off in the end.

Once or twice I literally had NO money in the grocery budget, and I had to comb the cabinets for supper. Those weeks saw a lot of leftover cholent from shabbos, a lot of grains and beans. Sometimes I raided our pushkes, with nary a doubt. The money is to help feed poor Jewish families, why not ours? Somehow, we always managed.

Dinners were always good, but now I can buy things I never dreamed of. The other day I bought feta cheese to make Greek salad. I haven't had to warn Yaakov, "Don't use the bank card!" It's a little disconcerting to have so much. I can buy Rivky a 5 dollar present when she uses the potty all day. Before, that was unheard of! Take 5 dollars out of the grocery budget?
So it's an adjustment. I'm not used to being without strict financial parameters, and I miss them a little (strangely enough).

Thank you, G-d, for all your revealed blessings. And the good news is, we can give a lot more tzedoka now.


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