Thursday, February 02, 2006
C is for Cat Stevens.

Today in the children's museum they had story time. It was a book about the 5 senses. While my guys were eagerly responding to their favorite sense-stuff (Rivky: "I like to taste sugar"), I perused the bookshelves. In the religion section, there was a book called "A is for Allah," by Yusuf Islam.

It was a beautiful book. Each page had its own Arabic letter and word, and each word described a different aspect or tenet of Islam.

In my "religious exploration" years, I picked up a reliable english copy of the Quran. I stopped reading early on, as one of the surahs said that Jews are so stupid they can't distinguish one kind of cow from another. I may have been shopping for a "better" religion, but I'd be darned if I'd read something that made fun of mine.

Nonetheless, I am interested in Islam. Maybe to understand it better, to know why some of its adherents insist on behaving so madly. To learn what one of my favorite singers found so great about it.

He'll never ever be Yusuf Islam to me.
In my heart, he'll always be Cat Stevens.


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