Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Yud Shevat

A very holy day. The day the previous Rebbe passed away, and the day the current Rebbe assumed leadership.

I had grand plans, none of which actually happened. I was going to do mivtzoyim - encourage other Jews to do mitzvos - but I didn't. I was going to make a farbrengen with my kids, but they were too nutty. I didn't want to rile them up more with our usual "farbrengen farbeisen" (grape juice and sugary nosh). I was going to learn some of Basi L'Gani - the ma'amer the Rebbe gave over upon assuming leadership - but that hasn't happened yet. The good news is that the night is still young, so maybe after I fold the laundry and wash the dishes, I'll be ready to tackle that ma'amer.

Yeah, right.


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