Monday, February 13, 2006
Bad Mommy.

Srulik has a habit. He says "Mommy, mommy, mommy," over and over again. Like a broken record or a kid with a tic.

When he gets in this mode, it's a catch-22. If I answer him, he keeps on with his chant. If I don't answer him, he starts getting frantic (and loud) with the "mommy-ing."

Yesterday he was full blown. We were in the car on the highway. "Mommy," "Yes, doll," "Mommy," "What, bubbe?" "Mommy," "What, dollface?" "Mommy," "Yes, Srulik," "Mommy," "What, honey?" and on and on. Finally he got distracted and that was the end.

Then we went to the grocery store
. He put up a fight getting back into the car seat. Rivky wasn't co-operating about the potty. Forget Chaya - she wasn't listening at all. When they were all strapped in - PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH!! - he started again. "Mommy," "What," "Mommy," "What?" "Mommy,"

And then I became unhinged.

I turned around and screamed, "WHAT! WHAT! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!" in a voice that should be reserved for fire or massive bloodshed. He started to cry. I knew I was going to crack when he started chanting again, after all the insanity of shopping with the 3 of them and getting them back into the car. I should have gotten out of the car and stood in the freezing cold as soon as the "I'm going to lose control" feeling came over me. I should have just stood out there and calmed down, and let them all freak out in their car seats.

Oy, the guilt.


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