Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Rivky and Rosie:

Rivky has an imaginary friend. She and Rosie have been buddies for quite some time, perhaps a year or so.

Every day I hear about Rosie. What Rosie's doing, or wearing, or where's she's going, or it's Rosie's birthday, blah blah blah. Rivky mentions her many, many times a day.

In Rivky's imagination, Rosie used to live in New York. But recently, Rosie moved to our neighborhood. About 3 weeks ago, Rivky asked me to take her to the airport (to pick up Rosie). When we got home after our busy day, Rivky wailed that we didn't go get Rosie. Every day she asks me to take her to Rosie's house.

Today was no different. She woke up, and the barrage-of-Rosie began. Rosie this, Rosie that. And of course, "take me to Rosie's!" Don't think I don't love Rosie, I find this whole thing to be very endearing. I just feel helpless when she asks to go to visit her.

When I went to pick up Chaya today, I got there a little early. So I let Srulik and Rivky go on the school playground. As I sat on the bench and watched them play, little kids were coming up and introducing themselves. "Hi, I'm Yossi." "Hi, I'm Mrs. Maven." Kid after kid, handshake after handshake, until..."Hi, I'm Rosie." I was flabbergasted. "Did you say your name was Rosie?" "Yeah, Rosie so-and-so."

"Riiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" I yelled, trying to catch her on the other end of the playground. She looked up. "C'mere, I want you to meet somebody!" She walked over hesitantly. "Ask this maidel her name," I told her. "What's your name?" Rivky said. "Rosie," she answered. Well, the look on Rivky's face was priceless. It was like a flash of excitement and awe. She stepped back a little. "See Rivky, you said you wanted to see Rosie today, and here she is!"

What a special moment.


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