Sunday, February 05, 2006
The Wonderful Day:

Today was filled with good things.

I sat in on my daughters' ballet class. It was delightful to watch Chaya do the poses so well, and funny to watch Rivky try. I was amazed at all the positions (and their fancy french names). The teacher was so graceful and beautiful, like a swan with a frum-lady turban on its head.

Then I made a grocery-store trip with Chaya. I'm making a concerted effort to spend more quality time with her, alone. That was fun, albeit mildly stressful. Another thing I am trying to do with her is say "yes" as much as I possibly can. It's so easy to say no. She asked for a soda. I said no. "Soda is for shabbos." She asked for money for a machine. You know, the ones that take 50 cents and spit out a schlocky little toy? I was about to say no. But then I thought, why not? I loved those things when I was a kid - the excitement of wondering what you'll get. She got a really cute necklace with a crown on it. I told her that was because she was a "bas melech pnimi" (a modest daughter of the king).

Then we came home, tidied the house, and went to a real simcha - a Hachnossas Sifrei Torah celebration. A local shul was welcoming 4 new Torahs! One of them was rescued from Iraq, and was 600 years old. This event has always been very dear to my heart, and I've been to a number of them. The joy of finishing the Torah and then parading it to its new home, it's truly awesome. These Torahs were walked over a mile, under a gorgeous handmade chuppah. The police closed off a lane of the road and a whole bunch of us went. People in their cars were waving.

After that we went to the health food store, because I needed vitamins. Oh, I felt so wistful. I love the vibe and the people, and I miss the organic co-op I belonged to in Brooklyn. I miss the job I had at a health food store so many years ago. I miss being able to afford beautiful, organic food. So I walked around and looked at the lovely, healthy people and the lovely, healthy food. I looked longingly at the Dr. Bronner's soaps and the Aubrey organic shampoos. Sigh.

When I bathed the kids tonight I had a great idea. I had Yaakov put Srulik in his pj's, while I kept the girls in the bathroom and dressed them there. This cut out SO much stress, I can't begin to tell you. Once they get out of the bathroom, they are totally bananas. Running around the house naked, jumping on the bed. It's nearly impossible to get them settled and dressed. But by keeping them in the bathroom, they had nowhere to go! I bypassed all the insanity! It was so simple, yet so brilliant. I was proud of myself.

Now they're all asleep. What a great day.


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