Sunday, March 26, 2006
Odds and ends.

So I saw this woman on shabbos whose acne issues were devastating, and I felt really bad for her. At the same time, I felt glad for me. I comforted myself with the thought that my face could be a lot worse. Then I felt bad about deriving solace from another Jew's misfortune.

I'm pretty sure this week was my "last hurrah" before pesach in the baking department. No more challahs, no more cakes and cookies. I'll get challah from the bakery and buy ice cream. Nobody will complain.

The cholent came out extra-yummy this week, I've been experimenting with Mrs. Stein's recipe. Meat, potatoes, barley. Onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and some Israeli barbecue spice. Not too much water. Delicious.

I was talking to some non-Lubavitch ladies about pesach. Lubavs have a lot of pesach chumrahs (as do most chassidim). Things like only eating fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, not getting our matzo wet (except on the 8th day), no pre-packaged foods, etc.
I minimized them by referring to them as "Chabad pesach kookiness," which afterwards I regretted. I should have stood tall and proud over my beautiful, strict pesach.

Today Yaakov is going to clean my car.
It will undoubtedly take him hours. It's a total mess. I wish he would do it closer to pesach. That would give me more time to relax in the car, and not worry about chomeitz getting in it. I still have a couple of weeks of running around with kids, a couple of weeks of trips to the park with pita sandwiches. But what can I do? It's his deal. He's doing the job so I have to let him do it on his terms.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


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