Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have blogged about my mothers-in-law before. There's Yaakov's real mom who lives in Vegas, and step-mom who lives locally. Both women are very intense and have serious problems (not like I don't).

Yaakov has issues with calling them. He has issues with calling everybody. I think he has a phone allergy. Maybe it's a guy thing, I dunno. He's lost touch with a lot of special people because he refuses to pick up the phone. Thus, I'm the one has has to call them, otherwise it doesn't happen. I don't mind talking to them, but I resent being pushed into it due to Yaakov's phone aversion.

But I digress.

I called bio-shvigger on Friday to thank her for the lovely presents she sent the kids. Chaya and Rivky got matching Ralph Lauren purses, with make-up in them. Hello, we're talking about a 6 and 4 year old! They need hotsy-shtotsy RL bags? That's a bubbe for you! Srulik got a Thomas-the-Tank-Engine railroad kit. To be fair to my holy husband, he DID take pictures of the kids with their gifties, and emailed them to his mother.

This morning I got on the phone with step-shvigger - the weekly check-in. She's got some health issues going on, and some heavy-duty emotional stuff with her biological kids. I feel like listening to her is a major act of chessed. I feel so badly for the position she's in with her kids - we're talking DEEP pathology. Loving her is the least I can do, at a time when her own kids are unwilling to.

And speaking of that, my relationship with step-shvigger has intensified recently with the "L" word. One time, while saying good bye to her, she must have thought I said "I love you," because she replied, "love you too." I didn't bother to correct her. Since the misunderstanding, that's become the closer for our conversations.

I love and appreciate these women, and I think they feel the same towards me. I have known them both since before I was frum. They've seen a lot of growth in my journey from wookiee-hippie to frum-mommy. I think I'm much more caring now than I was in those days, and I'll bet they'd agree.

I don't think either of them liked me too much back then.


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