Saturday, May 06, 2006
The Amish are on to something.

One of Yaakov's pet topics is peak oil. For those not familiar, it's the fact that there's a limited supply of global oil resources. Yaakov has been following this for a couple of years already.

I started thinking about this on Friday, as I sat in the carpool line at school. Practically every single car was a mini-van or other large size gas-guzzler (mine included). I thought to myself, "Man, this carpool line alone is sucking up the world's oil supply!"

I don't know when G-d is gonna shut the valve - but I do know that I'm not ready!

You know who is? The AMISH! They don't depend on oil, nope. They grow their own produce and live in their non-electrified homes. They're happily driving their buggies, being self-sufficient. When the world collapses in chaos over natural resources, Amos is gonna be sipping lemonade in his cabbage field.

There's an old yiddish saying; "Men tracht un Got lacht" - Men plan and G-d laughs. There's a rich addendum; "and chassidim laugh along."

Well, the Amish are gonna be laughing over this one.


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