Monday, May 08, 2006
Walgreen's: NOT America's #1 pharmacy!

Let me rant and rave about how much I hate Walgreen's. I know, "hate" is a pretty strong word. But that about sums it up right now.

I filled Chaya's antibiotic prescription last Sunday. When Srulik was diagnosed with strep, the doctor called a script in on Wednesday. When I called Wednesday night, they had no record of the doctor calling. This wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't dropped my calls constantly. At one point I waited for 20 MINUTES! Finally somebody picked up, and then hung up! GRRR!

Since they had no record of the doctor's call (even though I was standing right next to him when he made it), I took the prescription to CVS pharmacy. Here's the silver lining in this whole story, discovering CVS (insert heavenly choir music). They have a drive-through pharmacy window! What a lifesaver for a busy mother! How pathetically grateful I was to not have to take Srulik and Rivky out of the car! I drove through, ran another errand, and picked it right up. No hassle.

Two days later, Walgreen's called telling me they had Srulik's prescription ready. Oh you do? Oh, I was told the doctor didn't call you. I took the prescription somewhere else already.

And to top it off, Chaya's antibiotic prescription (from Walgreen's) is missing liquid. She's about 5 doses short. I know sometimes antibiotics are half a dose, maybe one dose short - but 5? I called Walgreen's customer service today, and really went nuts on them. I told them the whole megilla (I should have added that I had to sit through 5th Dimension's "Age of Aquarius" while on hold). They assured me they would take care of the additional doses that Chaya needed. "Don't worry, Mrs. Maven, someone will contact you from your local store today and you can pick it right up." Well, you know the ending to this story. Nobody called me.

I called the pharmacy and went through the whole rigamarole of nobody picking up, yada yada. I finally got the pharmacist on the phone. You know what he had the chutzpah to say? "How do I know what happened with your daughter's prescription?"

I wanted to scream. What the hell do you think I did with it - poured it down the drain? Sold it on the corner? (The street value of amoxicillin is very high these days.) You didn't give me enough, Mr. Jerk, that's what happened! I hate you! I hate your lousy store! I'm never coming back!

Well, that's not quite true. I have to go back tomorrow and talk to the pharmacy manager. With Srulik. With Rivky.

I hope they wreck everything in sight.


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