Sunday, August 06, 2006
Excuse me, are you Jewish?

Interestingly enough, this shabbos I learned that the word "neshek," in hebrew, means weapon. I never knew this. Neshek is also the acronym for "Neiros Shabbos Kodesh," holy shabbos candles. When a woman lights her shabbos candles, they become a weapon against the spiritual and physical enemies of the Jewish people.

I realized it had been a really long time since I'd approached a woman and asked her if she lit shabbos candles. And with things being as they are, we need all the mitzvos we can get.

Today, in Barnes and Noble, I heard some Israeli ladies yakking away. "Ask them!" I demanded. "I can't," I answered. "They don't want to be bothered with religion. I'm too nervous, anyway." I walked away. "You must!" I turned back. I asked. They said they lit - and I was glad.

Guess what book I bought?


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