Saturday, January 06, 2007
Beam Me Up, Scotty.

Currently crowding my brain: overeating, despair, feeling like I constantly have to be on top of my house (or else it will all go to hell), sadness/guilt over being a mean mother (too often), feeling like I can never give enough to a particular child, tired of being so organized, not being organized enough, needing a chassidisher farbrengen, ambivalent, wishing I could be more forthright in a certain relationship, worrying about pesach (and my pesach OCD), having a million errands to run, nervous over one child's issues, fear that it's all my fault, wishing Yaakov was here right now, missing mom too, joyous over baby's progress, disgusted/enchanted by blogging, hoping to get to know someone better, knowing I'm off-track in my yiddishkeit, wishing I had a mashpia, delighted over a friend's gentleness, disturbed that my bathroom needs cleaning, wanting to watch star trek to escape all my drama.


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