Sunday, February 25, 2007
St. Steven

When my Dad was here, my half-brother called. For the first time ever, we talked. Though it was a awkward, it was a good start. We have sent each other a couple of emails since then.

The weird thing is that I know about him - I know things about his childhood. My father and his mother divorced, and he acquired a mean stepfather, like me. He was even adopted by his stepdad, like I was. We have a parent in common, a genetic bond, yet I've never met him.

He's in his 40's and has an interesting, high-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry. He has 3 kids and has been married almost 20 years. I know he has major issues with our dad and with that side of the family. He only contacted Dad after his own mother passed away. I know connecting with him - by necessity - is going to be slow-going.

Still, the email I sent this morning was intense - I don't know how it could be otherwise. The issue that binds us is our father, and it's pointless to talk about random things. Despite this, e-mailing him about Dad (and that side of the family) is heavy.

I hope to meet him someday.


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