Saturday, March 10, 2007
Don't try this at home...

I woke up last night and one eye was clouded by conjunctivitis. I was out of drops and couldn't find the eye ointment. What the hell - I thought - I'll use Neosporin. It's antibiotic, right? I put it in one eye. Tricky, because it was shabbos. I couldn't really smear it. Then I thought, maybe I shouldn't put it in my eyes? I read the package. Not for opthalmic use. Oh well. I'm not blind from it. I put it in the other eye. The good news is, it staved off the infection until after shabbos, long enough for Yaakov to get me drops.

Pesach is fast approaching - three weeks. My anxiety is fierce. It's not the cleaning, it's my fear that my home won't be kosher l'pesach. My anxiety is driving a wedge between Yaakov and I. I called a Rav in Crown Heights to speak to him about it. I do have a question that needs answering, but it's complicated by OCD garbage. Pesach is always a terrible time of the year for me.

In other news, my favorite imam was featured in the New York Times again.


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