Sunday, March 04, 2007

Two ladies in my community had babies last night. So I get a phone call today from Rebbetzin Plony; "Can you make food for the purim meal for Yosefa?" "No problem! Thank you for including me in this chesed!" I agreed to provide 2 chickens and a kugel. "Not too much pressure?" (Why, because I'm a nutjob?) "No, it's fine." "I know it's short notice."

So I ran out to the heimishe store to buy noodles for the kugel. I'm in my purim costume (the most obnoxiously loud shirt I could find and an electric green wig). I didn't mind going there, because they know it's purim. However, no noodles. I couldn't stop home first. I went to Publix. In my costume.

Meanwhile my kids took their costumes off so it's not like we're a unit, in costume. No. They just see me. I kept telling myself, I'm doing this for a mitzvah. Who cares if I look like a freakazoid. I need to cook for my friend who had a baby. It's purim.

I kept thinking of Reb Pinchos Reizes, a very fine chossid of the Alter Rebbe (not that I compare). Anyway, another chossid (Reb Shmuel Munkis) told him to go into the town square and play "horsey" on a broomstick, to humble himself in public. That's what I thought of, in Publix, feeling embarrassed. I got some stares.

But I made 3 Jews laugh.


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