Sunday, May 27, 2007
Does this ever happen to you?

I get sebaceous cysts on my face sometimes. Just that sentence alone grosses me out! But let me explain:

I get these bumps, usually near my lower lip, indicating something is going on at a sub-dermal level. They aren't noticable to anyone but me. The area hurts, and is slightly raised, but that's all. There's no redness, no "head" - no blackhead or whitehead or anything. It's not a pimple. It's just a slight bump.

I tell myself, "leave it alone and it will go away" (and it really would). But what do I do? I insist on squeezing it. Every. Single. Time. Of course, my idea of "squeezing" is something akin to a vise-grip. I basically maul my face. And then it takes about a week to heal. And during that week, all I want to do is hide under the covers.

Why do I do this to myself? Is there a pre-teen masochist lurking within?

Anyway, I did it to myself erev shabbos. And all shabbos long I had this huge red continent on my face. Ok, I'm exaggerating - but it's at least the size of Utah. And did I mention red? Shabbos afternoon, Yaakov says, "Do you want to take the girls to the shabbos party?" "I'm not going out with this thing on my face." "Are you kidding? Are you that vain?"

Well, yes.


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