Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Modus Operandi:

So I had an epiphany yesterday: I was at a friend's, having a playdate. Her social worker husband is the guy we took our Love and Logic courses with, and she's a Love and Logic educator as well.

Anyway...I was telling her how anxious it made me that my kids got so wild and rough with each other. While chatting, Srulik (3 1/2) threw himself head-first over the back of the couch, kicking me squarely in the mouth. A prime example of
my kids in action!

So she laughed, and said they all seemed normal. Then she said, "Oh yeah, when my kids get like that, I set this one up with her laptop and that on
e up with his legos, and the other one with her..."


When my kids freak out, I often resort to hand-wringing. Oh G-d what's wrong with my kids I must not be feeding them right why are they so wild I'm a lousy mother what's wrong with me what's wrong with them what's wrong with us... Then I go expressing my concern to anyone who will listen, wanting to know if we're normal.

What I need to do is take action! Re-direct them all to do something more constructive than killing each other.

And this isn't the only example: A couple of nights ago (while making tacos), Yaakov added too much liquid to the beans. Oh no the tacos are going to be soggy what a mess what a bummer what am I going to do...I left the room for a minute and Yaakov drained the liquid off the beans. In a flash of Nike ingenuity, he just did it. Thank G-d we're married, or I'd be in big trouble.

(At the very least, I'd have taco stains.)


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