Friday, August 03, 2007
La señora de la limpieza.

My regular cleaning lady, whom I like a lot, is on hiatus. I'm not even sure if she'll be returning. Therefore, I am on the hunt for more help. Yesterday, I got phone calls from three different friends asking me if I needed cleaning help! I gratefully arranged for someone to come today. We all want cleaning help before shabbos, so to find a cleaning lady with time on Fridays is a real blessing.

This lady only spoke Spanish, but that's okay with me - I took three years of Spanish in school. Though I am by no means fluent, I've never had problems communicating with cleaning ladies. I speak "cleaning lady Spanish."

Oh my lord, this lady did so many things wrong. I caught her cleaning my kids' tub with the broom. HELLO? That's gross. But what the hell, I took anthropology in college. I understand the concept of cultural relativity. Maybe in her country that's what they do. So I politely asked her - in Spanish - to use a sponge. She complied. I asked her - in Spanish - to spray the garbage can. She didn't. Zalman took the bag out of the can, and I noticed. So I asked her again to spray it, and she didn't.

When she went to clean my bathroom, I asked her before she even started to use the sponge in the shower. I found a broom bristle in there. She put one of my husband's blankets on sideways. Okay, maybe she didn't realize which direction it went, and that's fine. But the quilt was put on totally upside down. There's no way to miss that - one side has patches and the other is just plain material with the quilt knots. The pillows on my bed were just thrown on haphazardly. It's not such a big deal, but with all the other things that happened, it just proved to me that she didn't care about her work.

She mopped the floor in the playroom while there was still things on it, which totally didn't impress me. She kept trying to chat with me. Zalman had knocked the books off the bookshelf and she put them back all a mess, some standing up, some laying down, some completely the wrong way...

She also kept disappearing into the bathroom. She started late and ended early. She asked me several times if I wanted her to do anything else, but I was so annoyed with her that I just wanted her out.

She asked about coming back next week, and I thanked her but declined. She asked me if there was anything wrong with her work. I smiled politely and told her everything was fine. (Lady, I don't speak enough Spanish to tell you all the things you did to piss me off.)

p.s. She smelled, too.


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