Wednesday, August 01, 2007
T.V. = TabooVision

I got a call from Hinda this morning, asking me if I knew any 5th grade girls in the neighborhood. A new family moved in, and she's helping their daughter.

So she tells me that she knows a family with a 5th grader, "but the mother was talking about a TV program
once, and I didn't want to send this little girl there..."

I said I didn't know any 5th graders, but I recommended two lovely 3rd graders that I knew. Hinda was delighted! "Oh yes, they're aidel girls. Perfect." It was only after I got off the phone with her that I realized that one of those girls had a television in her house.

This whole conversation struck me.
TV is a little taboo in the chassidishe velt. You always hear stories about chassidim sneaking TV's into their homes in refrigerator boxes.

When I lived in Crown Heights, I only knew of three families with a television. No doubt there were many, many more. Here, I can think of lots of families with them. All are lovely people. One is even a good friend. It bothered me a little that Hinda was so quick to judge.

And here's what's ironic: Yaakov and I have never owned a TV, but we do have internet. And you know what Yaakov finds on the internet? Star Trek! So we're not watching TV, per se, but we like to chill every now and again with Captain Picard. I almost want to call her up and tell her. What would she think of me then?

Who knows? Maybe she's a closet Trekkie.


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