Thursday, July 19, 2007
Царство Русское, goodbye.

According to Lenin; "An intelligent Russian is almost always a Jew, or someone with Jewish blood in his veins." Maybe he said that because a disproportionate number of Bolsheviks/communists were Jews. Maybe he said that because there was Jewish blood in his own family. Maybe it's true.

I have mentioned my interest in Russian history before. I have also mentioned my interest in royal families. I have long known about Jewish involvement
in Russia's revolutionary history.

What I did not know - until tonight - was that it was a Jew who murdered the The Romanovs. The Tsar, Tsarina, their 4 daughters, their son, and some loyal servants. I knew their story - ordered into their basement and murdered in cold blood. I did not know their murderer was named Yakov Yurovsky. Okay, it was him and 9 others. But he was their leader.

Yakov Yurovsky.

I want to rationalize. Russians trace their religion patrilineally. Many Russians with Jewish fathers claim to be Jewish, while according to Jewish law they are not. There's a part of me that's hoping that Yakov, nicknamed "Yankel," was not really Jewish.

You know, I can't say the Romanovs weren't anti-semites. They were - famously so. But that's not why Yurovsky murdered them. He was angry at their bourgeoisie, their politics. He was one of many revolutionaries at the time. The murder of the royal family was a facet of a larger Bolshevik revolution, though perhaps its most glorious.

Five royal children were murdered. That is so wrong. Yurovsky's son claimed his father was haunted by his role in the regicide. Ninety years later, I too am haunted.

A Jew should not have the hands of Eisav.


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