Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Meshuggener Magnet....

So I'm in Publix today with 3 kids. I needed to go down a certain aisle, but there was a lady blocking it with her cart. She was re-arranging Coke cans on the end-cap display. Finally I said, "Excuse me, ma'am." She turned and grumbled loudly, but acquiesced.

I continued shopping and got on line. The lady in front of me was slowwwwly placing each item onto the belt. Then she started to push her cart backwards, edging me out of line. When she did that, I realized it was Coke-can lady.

I didn't think anything about it, I just waited until she moved her cart again. Then I put down one of those plastic divider thingies and proceeded to put my groceries on the belt. She threw her lettuce at the magazines and yelled, "Would you wait?! I'm not *&$#@% done with my groceries yet!" My eyes flew open in surprise. The cashier looked at her, startled.


"The belt moves," I pointed out to her. "Even if you aren't done it will still make room." (You see, I hadn't realized she was a total nutjob at this point. What can I do? I'm slow about these things.) When it was my turn to pay, the cashier told me she said I was stalking her throughout the entire store. "Don't tell the management," I replied. "Okay," she grinned. "Just stop stalking people."

When I recounted the story to Yaakov, I told him I understand why he calls me a meshuggener magnet. "Like attracts like," I laughed. "Don't get excited," he said. "You're not that bad."


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