Sunday, August 26, 2007
The truth hurts:

Every couple of months we have a family get-together - a birthday, yom tov, thanksgiving, whatever. Today's gathering was for Srulik's birthday. My brother's girlfriend came. She moved to Florida to be with him before their November Israel trip.

I like her a lot, yet I feel threatened by her. Her youth, her beauty, the enchanting spell she casts on my children. She dresses like a twenty-something hottie, fascinating to Chaya and bothersome to me.

Today, Yaakov and my brother were talking about building our sukkah together. She piped in that she wanted to join. I felt indignant. You think you're going to come half-dressed to my house and build a sukkah with my husband? You got another thing coming, missy!

I used to go into frum homes dressed like that, and, like her, I had no clue. A little empathy would be in order, right? Right? But no - I just feel jealous.

She's awesome - I hate feeling this way.


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