Saturday, August 11, 2007
Young and Beautiful Love.

My brother met a girl last summer in Israel. They maintained a long distance relationship for a year, and she just moved down last week to be with him. In November, they're off to Israel again (18 months) for a co-ed yeshiva program.

I adore my brother. He's smart, deep, yet totally laid back. Despite his being 9 years my junior, we've always been tight. We talk often. Yaakov and I took him to his first Phish show when he was 11.

His girlfriend is also brilliant, but very focused. He says she motivates him. She's beautiful and real, complex and assertive. They're a good match. They love each other.

I admire their earnestness, how unfettered they are by life. They're young, with the whole world ahead of them. They're learning about being in a relationship, and they're committed. They know they can get help to make things work.

My joy for them is almost tangible. Though I'm sad they'll be going to Israel for so long, I'm rooting for them. I sincerely hope they stay together and get married. I know that's their hope, too.

I think I love them because they take me back to a beautiful place in my own life.


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