Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Are YOU a frum woman with a blog?

I got an interesting email the other day:

"I'm a Jewish college professor living in PA (I teach comparative religion and Jewish studies), and I'm presently writing an article about Orthodox women who blog. I'm especially interested in the way blogging complicates the notion of a division between public/private spheres, and the way these are "gendered" in traditional Jewish thought. This is not a popular, journalistic article, but a scholarly piece for a book."

That's interesting, right? She sent me some questions, which I am including here along with my answers:

Who is your audience? Men, women?

I have a mixed readership, but I think the majority are women.

Have you met a lot of "friends" through your blog? Men? Women?

I have a few online "acquaintances." They are women. We email each other. As for men, I don't cultivate friendships with men in "real life" and I stick to that rule online as well.

How important to you is your blogging community? Does it enhance your "real life"?

I don't think I have a "blogging community," per se. I do have my coterie of readers, and they are important to me. As for enhancing my "real life," I get little thrills here and there when people leave comments or email me.

Why have you chosen blogging over a traditional journal or diary?

I blog because I enjoy writing, and I like having an audience for it. Totally ego-driven.

Do you think of your entries as "public" or "private"?

Interesting question. On the one hand, they are obviously very public. On the other hand, they are private, because my blog is basically anonymous. The things I write on my blog are not necessarily things I would share in "real life."

Is anonymity important to you in your blogging? Why or why not?

Very much so. The main reason is because I feel my anonymity allows me to write freely. I do have a few (carefully chosen) friends whom I've told about the blog.

Kressel Housman refers to her blogging community as a "virtual veiber shul"--what do you think of this concept?

I think the concept can be very real. I know of a
bulletin-board-styled website for frum women that I think falls into that genre.

She goes on to say;

"Right now, I'm really most interested in the public/private question. A lot of the journalistic treatments of orthodox women's blogs in the media have focused on the way blogs give orthodox women a type of public voice that they don't have within the traditional community. After reading lots of blogs, I really disagree with this reading, and think that blogs actually seem to serve as a way of expanding the private sphere through a virtual network that serves as a forum for talking about the things all women talk about with other women...

...FYI, the article (G-d willing!) will be part of an anthology of essays to be published in 2008 by the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization and is titled, Jews at Home: The Domestication of Identity, Jewish Cultural Studies, Volume 2, edited by Simon J. Bronner."

Andrea Lieber, PhD.
Sophia Ava Asbell Chair of Judaic studies
Associate Professor of Relgion
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013

I think this is fascinating, and I'm pleased to be a part of it. She would like it if other frum female bloggers contacted her. If you fall into this category, feel free to email her:


  • At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WAy cool Maven.

  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger East of Eden said…

    This is really cool and interesting!

    Such interesting questions. I don't know if when you started out you geared your blog to only be for jewish women to read, but it's very interesting to me to see your religiosity, and then compare it to mine. I also find that there are many universal themes you present from the point of being a woman.

    How fun for you! :)

  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger frumhouse said…

    Interesting questions and great answers!

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Aji said…

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