Monday, October 22, 2007
My lovely evening:

It started when we were on the way home from school. I told Chaya that I had set up private space for her to do her homework. "So, what do you have for homework tonight?" "I have to copy my spelling words 3 times each but I left the list in my cubby..."

It's always something with the homework. So I started telling her (none too nicely) how it's her responsibility. "But it's not my problem," she retorts. "Okay, well whose problem is it? Mine? Tatty's? Your teacher's?"

So we get home and I said, "Well, start your hebrew homework." Five minutes later, she's done. "No way," I insisted. "There's no way all your hebrew homework is finished." I looked at the assignment note sent home by the teacher. "What about these review sheets?" "What review sheets?" "I don't know, you tell me." She searched through her backpack. I searched through her backpack. "I don't have any review sheets." Meanwhile, I get on the phone with another mother, who patiently spelled out (in hebrew) every chumash word. There were like, 30 of them. I had to lock myself in a room and take down all these words, while my kids were basically killing each other outside the door.

Dinner time came, and it was a meltdown of nuclear proportions. Corn salad. You would think I offered them a plate of sulfuric acid. Rivky and Chaya both started screaming and carrying on. "I hate this! I'm starving!" "If you eat the vegetables, you get the hot dogs and mashed potatoes." Oh man. they went on and on and on. Fifteen minutes of wailing and dying. A couple of times I lost my temper. "You know, there are children who are really starving in the world! And here I am, making you beautiful food, and you ungrateful children won't even eat it!" And then, this beauty: "Some kids don't even have mothers to make them supper!"

After supper Chaya went back to hebrew homework and I put my boys in the tub. Meanwhile, I got on the phone with another mother for Chaya's spelling words. Srulik was playing loudly and I had to ask her to repeat words over and over again.

We started with the homework again this morning. She didn't finish last night - too hard. I was rummaging through her backpack, thinking, "Gee, Chaya needs some help with organizing." Guess what I found in an outer pocket? The chumash review sheets!

After all that!


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