Saturday, September 17, 2005

In honor of my 50th post, I am posting a "50 things about me" list. Here goes:

1. I am petrified of elevators and won't go in one by myself.
2. I used to really be into Russian literature (Solzhynitsyn - woo!)
I still feel embarrassment over getting fired from a job.
4. I used to think found-feathers were messages from Above.
My roomate in South Carolina was a shikse goddess.
6. I feel calmer when my house is tidy.
7. I love Star Wars, episodes 4-6. May the Force be with me.
8. I consider natural childbirth (3 excruciating times!) one of my greatest achievements.
9. I once was asked to model for an art class. I was dressed.
10. Ramen noodles are comfort food. I never let myself eat them.
11. I am totally a child of the 80's - Yay, Martha Quinn.
12. I love shabbos so much. How did I ever live without it?
13. I like to read the dictionary.
14. I used to really be into Greek mythology. In 5th grade, for halloween, I went dressed as a maenad - nobody guessed my costume.
15. I went on a lot of spiritual trips before realizing Torah is the Real Deal.
16. I can play a mean game of Scrabble.
17. I have this irrational fear that someone is going to snatch my wig off in public. I've even considered carrying a scarf around just in case (but I never have).
18. My biggest accessory: earrings
19. My Hebrew birthday is on a yom tov.
20. If I let myself go there, I can really bite my fingernails.
21. I only started developing deep friendships after I became religious.
22. I take my parenting very seriously.
23. Compliments: I can dish 'em out but I can't take 'em.
24. I love having guests.
25. I'm crazy about singing. Uncle Moishy, niggunim, you name it.
26. I am a slave to my bathroom scale. I like to weigh "x", and it bums me out to weigh more. Yaakov has taken the scale away from me before.
27. I was a holier-than-thou vegetarian at one point in life. So lame.
28. I love Billy Joel's song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." Brenda and Eddie are still going steady.
29. I never tried acid. It scared me. This surprises people.
30. I hope to someday go on a kosher cruise with Yaakov.
31. One of the greatest gifts my grandfather ever gave me was "The Little House on the Prarie" book series. I still read it.
32. I called a friend and told her about this list. She said, "Numbers 1-3 should say: "I'm an Anxiety Maven." I told Yaakov, who added, "Number 4 should be: "Should I be writing this? I'm feeling anxious."
33. Some of my best memories come from a UAHC Reform sleepaway camp.
I have a half-brother (Jewish) from my father's first marriage. We have talked once or twice and sent pictures. I hope to meet him someday.
35. Giving tzedoka anonymously gets me high.
36. Sometimes I can be lazy and selfish. And vain.
37. I have an affinity for Ireland. I have no idea why.
38. Saying "check" while playing chess makes me feel powerful.
39. I cried during space shuttle Discovery's lift-off.
40. Me and my little brother are close. I totally love him. He's 21.
41. Pesach and Chanuka are my favorite chagim.
42. I am a guitar player, but I haven't learned to play yet.
Favorite Latin expression: "In the land of the blind, the cyclops is king."
44. Dream careers: acupuncturist, high school history teacher, midwife.
My mom told me many times that "you can count your real friends on one hand," and I find that to be true.
46. Why doesn't homeopathy work for me?
47. If I pull a stupid move while driving, my hands get all tingly.
48. I love Richard Simmon's exercise video "Dance Your Pants Off."
49. I wish I didn't drop out of college.
50. I really want to be a better Jew.


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