Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Counting my blessings.

Such a day. We lost power at about 9:45am, so I headed out the door with the kids. Much of the day was spent with a friend in my neighborhood, in her air-conditioned apartment.

My friend has a beautiful baby girl, who happens to have down syndrome. This is a young woman - only 27. Yet Hashem decided to give her this special soul. Often I have thought, maybe Hashem would give such a child to me? What would I do then? My Canadian sister-friend and I talked about it once. She and I are very often on the same wavelength, it's uncanny. Many times when she calls, we discover we're having the exact same issues. Anyway, one time she said to me, "Sometimes I think I'm going to give birth to a special needs child." I told her I've often felt the same, bli ayin hara. "What would you do?" I asked. "Love him," she said. I agreed. That's what I would do, too. Some families give babies like that away. They are ashamed, or overwhelmed, or who knows why else. But Canada-friend and I agreed, we could never give up such a child. How could we give up our babies, we both wondered? So this mother said to me today, "This may sound weird, but I think my baby is such a blessing."

I learned from my Rebbe that such souls come from very high places. It's hard to make the long, arduous descent into a physical body. They get "jarred" along the way, and this manifests in various "defects".

Nobody asks for such blessings.


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