Thursday, October 06, 2005
Odds and Ends.

My wig has been through a lot of rain and humidity lately. It looks like a fried cat.

I went food shopping today while fasting, and I broke down and bought RAMEN NOODLES. You know, the stuff I never let myself eat? Well tonight, it's party time.

A guy started hitting on me at the kosher bakery today. HELLO, don't I look married? I felt gross about it. And flattered.

Rivky saw someone working on his car yesterday, while walking to the river for tashlich. She started chirping, "That man is not Jewish," over and over again, louder and louder. It was a moment. An embarrasing one.

Here is something REALLY special:

I had to return something to the dry cleaners, because the way they pressed it made me look like Quasimodo. It was supposed to be a suit for yom tov.

I am so tired. Ma nishtana ha laila hazeh.

I just offered Yaakov some ramen noodles. He seemed offended.


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