Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Late Night with Maven Letterman

It's midnight and I'm still awake, reveling in this marvel called electricity.

I just finished eating ramen noodles and a coke slurpee. Go, me. Truly, a paragon of health.

I realize that I probably should have gone to sleep several hours ago, just like I did when I had no power. My body was probably on it's natural schedule then, and now I am artificially awake. Artificially awake and artificially energized by the artificial slurpee. Did I ever mention that I used to work in a health food store?

So my grandparents skipped town when the power went out. They went to Boston to be with my grandmother's daughter. Anyway, they came home tonight and Yaakov went to pick them up at the airport. Since they emptied their refrigerator before their trip, I shopped a little for them today so at least they would have breakfast tomorrow. I bought them bagels, cream cheese, lox spread, yogurt, butter and fancy schmancy havarti cheese. Of course all these items were cholov yisroel. Even though they don't keep kosher (yet), I wouldn't feed them something I wouldn't eat myself. So now I'm praying that all the dairy is fresh and beautiful (the kosher store just got power over the weekend). If this is going to be my grandparents' first impression of mehadrin dairy, please G-d - let it taste like heaven.

Ok, it's late and tomorrow is another busy day. With power, Baruch Hashem.


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