Saturday, December 03, 2005
Shabbos With a Shinuy

Friday afternoon I did my usual thing: I took my erev-shabbos shower. But this time, G-d had a surprise: The shower nozzle fell on my head. I don't know how it came out of its holder, but all of a sudden - BONK! I scrunched up my shoulders in pain.

We lit candles and Yaakov and Chaya proceeded to shul. Srulik and Rivky played with Mrs. Potato Head and I laid on the couch. I felt nauseous and a little dizzy, and my head was killing me. When I got off the couch, I felt even worse. Then I started wondering if I should call my doctor. Not a simple thing, to use the phone on shabbos. I decided I would wait until Yaakov got home and make my decision then. Time went by and I felt sicker - still no Yaakov. I envisioned myself going to the emergency room and sitting there all night. I decided. I was calling.

I murmured an apology to G-d and picked up the phone with my left hand. I dialed her number with a different finger and talked to the answering service lady. She directed me to another doctor on call, and gave me his number. I wrote the second number holding the top of the pen. When I dialed the second number, at first I mis-dialed because I couldn't read my "shinuy penmanship." The person at the second office told me the doctor would call me back shortly.

While I was on the phone with office #2 Chaya and Yaakov returned. Yaakov looked at me with concern and Chaya said, "It's shabbos! Why are you on the phone?" I finished the call and explained to Chaya (and Yaakov) that mommy had gotten a bonk on the head erev shabbos, and mommy wasn't feeling too good right now. Yaakov waved his hand dismissively. "Take 2 tylenol and go to bed. No need to call a doctor for that." "Well I DID call the doctor and now I'm waiting for him to call me back," I said defensively.

The doctor called about 5 minutes later and I felt SO LAME to tell him I got whacked in the head with my shower nozzle. Talk about being a candidate for the Darwin Awards! He asked if there was any blood, or if I fell, or lost consciousness. "No," I answered, "I just feel dizzy and nauseous now. And I have a headache." You know what he said? "Take 2 tylenol and get some rest."

I got off the phone and Yaakov handed me the tylenol. I explained to Chaya that if there was an emergency on shabbos, you could do whatever you needed to do. You just need to do it with a shinuy - a difference. It's still shabbos and not the same as the rest of the week. That's why mommy was holding the phone with 2 fingers of her left hand.

"Shoulda listened to Dr. Tatty in the first place," Yaakov smiled.


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