Monday, February 06, 2006
Guess Who's in Charge?

NOT ME! And it took a flat tire to remember that.

I mean, I know G-d is. But I haven't been behaving like that. I'm so worried about how we're going to make pesach, that I've been micro-managing the budget (and Yaakov). I haven't been acting like G-d runs the show.

So today I got a flat tire - I drove over a curb. Yaakov came home to rescue me, and got the 2 front tires replaced. There went 200 dollars out of savings.

I'm not at all surprised. With my major control-freak attitude, Hashem decided to give me a swift kick in the tuchas. Of course, I don't really know G-d's reasons for blowing my tire. I'll have to wait until Moshiach comes to understand the cosmic mystery. Until then, I'm going to try and have more faith that G-d will take care of things.

Pesach and all.


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