Sunday, March 26, 2006
Getting Ready!

Every year Rabbi Blumenkranz puts out a book about the halachos of pesach. The book also mentions which products are kosher for the holiday.

This book becomes a veritable bible for me each year. I need to know what shampoo I can buy, diaper wipes, medicines, plastic ware, yada yada. Not to mention deodorant! He has yet to mention my beloved, aluminum-free, mineral-salt roll-on. Each year I have to buy a junky chemical brand that makes his list (but don't tell, it's a Secret).

So, book in hand, I went to BJ's today. Oh, what a nightmare. He put on the book cover that this year's version would be easier to read, but it was confusing as ever. I'm standing in an aisle searching desperately in the book for aluminum foil, and there's a promotional video clip repeating over and over again on a nearby monitor. I wanted to scream. At one point I did mutter a choice epithet, but I won't write that here - this is a family blog.

I did manage to find many things though (both in the book and BJ's). I bought plastic cutlery and bottled water (Zephyrhills). I bought toothbrushes and plastic plates and bowls. I bought aluminum foil and plastic wrap. I also bought things I would need after pesach, since pesach ends on a Thursday night. (I want to open my chomeitz cabinet Friday morning and be ready to bake challah. Oh shoot, I forgot to buy honey).

I also needed to buy things for now, to get me through the next couple of weeks. Pasta, for one. And soy milk ("Soy Sense" - such a deal!). It was weird to be shopping for both chomeitz and pesach goods. It's like a metaphor for Moshiach, in a way. We're not quite there, yet we are.

P.S. It took Yaakov - G-d bless him - 5 hours to clean my car today.


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