Thursday, March 30, 2006
Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

This morning, while Mrs. Stein had my kids, I cleaned their dresser for pesach. Each drawer was removed, dumped out, and wiped down. Wetness nullifies chomeitz, so I sprayed a toothbrush with cleaning spray (a nice one from Whole Foods) and went over the cracks and corners. I actually found a piece of challah in Chaya's drawer, so I was pleased.

Lots of clothes made it into the thrift store pile. Lots of clothes made it into the "put me away, I'm too small" pile. Lots of odds and ends made it into the trash, like Chaya's ever-growing collection of weirdness. (Winners included rubber teeth, the remnant of a candy ring pop, and cut up postcards). I hope Yaakov and I can tackle the rest of their room this evening. We've been so tired every night, we haven't pesach cleaned.

I also called in my chicken order this morning. You long time readers know that there was the CHK/Rubashkin dilemma in my life. Well, we went back to eating CHK about 3 months ago. I had a dream that the Rebbe told me I should be eating it - so that was that. I'm glad we went back to CHK, although it has its challenges. Like the store I called this morning is 45 minutes away, and they aren't taking reservations. He told me chicken would be coming this Sunday. I'll have to "chap a rein," as they say, and get it while I can. This means I'll have to pesach-clean my freezer right after shabbos! So the fridge will be chomeitzdich and the freezer will be pesachdich.

What a life.


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