Tuesday, March 28, 2006
The Field Trip:

Today Srulik, Rivky, and I went to visit the goats. Not just goats, mind you. Cows. Horses. Ducks. Geese. An albino turkey. The biggest pig a Jew should never have to see.

This park is about half an hour away from us, well worth the trip. There's a couple of playgrounds
there. And the farm/petting zoo. And it's free!

So we went to the playground first. My kids were enamored with some girl's electric jeep. They kept chasing her, and she kept driving away from them. Her parents were very nice, and let Srulik and Rivky ride in it too. This was probably more exciting than the goatie-goats for them.

The animals were fun, although one goat kept trying to eat my skirt. Srulik was in scatology-mode. He kept peering intently at the goats' behinds, and also making a big deal to kick any poop he saw on the ground. He also had running commentary about it, my little goat-proctologist.

At the end of the trip, Rivky sat down on a bench to eat a rice cake and cheese. We were by the lake. Oh, it was so idyllic - until a gazillion birds surrounded us. They must have rice-cake radar, I dunno. Poor Rivky screamed her head off. Srulik - brave knight that he is - went to chase them off, only to be rewarded with a goose-nip (so glad he was wearing pants).

It was a fun morning, made better by lots of antibacterial wipes.


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