Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chaya had a stomach virus on Friday and shabbos. Srulik had it Monday. Now it's my turn.

Tuesday night I was laying in bed feeling "funny." I laid there for 5 hours with this funny feeling, when I realized that I had a fever. It was all downhill from there.

I cannot tell you how much I've vomited in the past 2 days. Vomiting and diarrhea. The vomiting is the worst. Terrible nausea overcomes me, but nothing comes out. I've had to gag myself like a bulimic teenager to get it out. I've basically stayed in bed the whole time (minus frequent bathroom trips). This is the first time I can sit in front of the computer without wanting to pass out.

I have called out to G-d and my Rebbe, asking them to make it stop. I asked Yaakov to make it stop. Twice I told Yaakov, "I think I need to go to the hospital." I have eaten a total of 10 crackers in the past 48 hours. How I can still be expelling stuff out of my body is a great mystery.

Yaakov has been a real hero, he's stayed home from work to take care of all of us, running to the grocery store to buy me medicine and powerade. Once when I threw it up in my bedside bucket, Yaakov said, "Look honey, it's the blue powerade! We can just pour it right back into the cup!" (How can you not love a man like that?)

Mrs. Stein, the La Leche League Rebbetzin, has been invaluable in telling me what meds I can take. Hearing that I could take ibuprofen was my saving grace. The Imodium did not help, however. Yaakov bought me Emetrol, in "lemon mint" flavor. Lemon mint? "You shoulda seen the other gross flavors they had. Like cherry." Uhhhh...since when does lemon mint take precedence over cherry?

Anyway, I'm not out of the woods with this yet, but I hope it ends very, very soon.

P.S. This post was interrupted by an eventful bathroom trip.


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