Thursday, August 10, 2006
Preparation "H"

For uhhh...homeopath.

So I'm talking to her today about this little problem I'm having, my midwife wants me to take an acute remedy for it. Hamamelis, for you homeo-mavens out there. And she's grilling me with all kinds of questions like you can't believe.

Does it hurt? Itch? Burn? Sting? Stabbing sensation? What word describes it best? When do you get the feeling? How is it relieved, through heat or cool? Do you have any other sensations? What about the rest of your body?

Never in my life have I been interrogated so much.

Then she starts getting all psychological on me: Do you like to keep your doors locked at night? Yes, I even check the doors several times to make sure they're locked. Do you like to keep a clean house? Yes, otherwise I feel unsettled. Do you think you're an anxious person?

Do I think I'm an anxious person? Does a bear...nevermind.


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