Wednesday, October 18, 2006

He's a turtle. He's more than happy to stay in his shell, and not interact with the world at large. He's a pleasant person to be around, and he has a healthy amount of friends, but he's not the kind of guy to run out and socialize. At work, he's the only one there. He programs all day in a little office, all by himself. And he likes it! Me, I'd go crazy.

That's why I'm glad he's in NY right now. He has the chance to connect with old buddies. People that he never calls (because he's a turtle). Like tonight he had dinner with his college roomate. This is the man who turned my husband on to The Dead (Thanks a lot, Seth! He could have graduated!). Anyway, Seth also became religious and has a lovely family of his own. And tonight Yaakov is going to a wedding in Crown Heights. He doesn't know the chosson personally, but he's in our extended network of friends and everybody will be there. Another chance to re-connect. Tonight and tomorrow night he'll be staying with old friends of ours from Crown Heights. I'm so happy he gets to be around people he loves, and who love him too.

Yay, Yaakov!


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