Monday, November 26, 2007

Currently, the New York Times is running a feature about people who were wrongfully sent to prison. There were guys who were put away for 20 years, and then exonerated by DNA evidence. One of the men featured was in prison for 16 years, locked up when he was 16 years old.

It creeps me out. It makes me sad. All those years, taken away. I listened to their stories. I read their profiles. Some fared better than others upon their release. Most were psychologically scarred. Some were days away from execution. One man said that he knew G-d didn't give him things he couldn't handle.

I'm sure there's a deeper lesson to all this. We must be thankful for every minute we have. We should make the most of the opportunities G-d gives us, moment by moment. We're all here, and we're free.

I'm not linking to the article, because the New York Times is a little wonky that way. But as of now it's front page news, and well worth reading.


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