Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Yaakov and Rochel, sitting in the tree...

Last night, Yaakov was eating supper and reviewing the parsha. He pointed out the manner in which the biblical Yaakov "met" Rochel. "See, as soon as he pushes the huge rock off the well, he goes and kisses her." We both started debating the finer points of the story. How is it that he kisses her before he's officially married to her? How come the first thing he does to her is kiss her? He doesn't even introduce himself!

Meanwhile, Chaya-super-spy overheard (never mind the fact that she's not even in the same room). "What?! Yaakov kissed Rochel?" Yes, he kissed her. "On the lips?" I don't know. "How come Rabbi T. didn't tell us this in school? I'm going to ask him tomorrow." She chirped on and on about it, until bedtime.

One part of me is a little bothered by all this. How I wish Chaya didn't pick up on every little thing! Yet, another part feels very okay. I think Chaya has some idea about men and women, anyway. She's seen Disney videos in the pediatricians' office. There are some kissing scenes, much to my chagrin. I guess If she's going to learn about it, better from Yaakov and Rochel, right?

As long as she doesn't figure out what the folks in Sodom were doing...


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