Sunday, December 23, 2007
It's Official:

Zalman has Rotavirus again. Or as we call it, "The Poops."

Shabbos he had three crazy poops, all requiring bathtub clean-up. The poop is insane - liquid and insidious. Up his back and down his legs, in his hair and on his face. The weirdest thing is that generally, his hands aren't even involved. It sorta migrates up his shirt. And the smell - va voy! Not your average poop: putrid and sickly.

And the worst of it all? We have carpet. And yes, I've had to scrub it out. Vomit, too. I can't wait to get into a house that has tile. Yaakov reminded me that if this stuff gets into tile grout, it's hard to remove, too. But it can't be as bad as carpet, I reason. Carpet hangs on to microbes and things - I saw a movie about it in high school biology. They used scanning electron microscopes over household carpet. Every time I'm scrubbing them, I remember.

Anyway it's after 6am and Zalman just had another "episode." He was sleeping in bed with me when I heard the familiar gurgling. Uh-oh. I gingerly removed him from my bed, and went out to get gloves and some plastic bags. Now I'm not squeamish about body fluids, not by a long shot. But this poop gets everywhere. By the time I got back, he was crying hysterically and the poop was on the carpet. Yay. It was also of the migratory variety. Sigh. So I cleaned him up and walked him to our shower, but not before he peed somewhere else on the carpet and then on our bath rug. (In our family, when we do a job, we do it right.) The good news is, when we got out of the bathroom, Yaakov was awake and scrubbing the floor.

I'm reminded of what his pediatrician told me last time: there's a vaccine for rotavirus. "I'm sure you're not interested." I dunno - right now, a vaccine sounds pretty nice! Of course, I won't - it would only be for my convenience. It doesn't really bother Zalman so much. Initially he gets upset, but calms down when he's all cleaned up. I'll put him on the "BRAT" diet and see how that goes.

Yesterday, when Yaakov was leaving for shul, I had another poop episode to contend with. "Could be worse," he noted. "We could be praying for years and years to have children." He's right, of course. Nonetheless...

Life with kids can be pretty crappy sometimes.


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