Wednesday, April 26, 2006
The delicious morning:

Today, I did something I haven't done in years. Something that made me feel alive. Something that made me think; "I wonder if Rebbetzin Plony would do this?"

I went to the beach.

Mrs. Stein had my kids for 3 hours, so off I went. I had my bag all packed so I could run out the door as soon as my kids were gone.

I wore a housecoat, beret, and knee highs. I got to the beach, laid out my old tie-dye blanket, and plopped myself down. I sat in the sun and read my book about Ireland. I watched people walk by wearing things that showed how remarkably they accepted their bodies. I saw a guy - old as the hills - in a speedo.

I went into the water and just sat there, my housecoat infiltrated by sand. The waves crashed over me and splattered my sunglasses. The sun shone brightly and the salty air invigorated. I thanked Hashem for the beautiful moment, for the amazing ocean.

I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong, it was so self-indulgent.


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